Chris Kamzelas

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Chris Kamzelas is an Australian musician born 30th June 1973, guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and producer.
Well known for his melodic and expressive tones, delivering solid performances both live and in the studio, his fascinating career started back in 1990, supporting well known Australian artists.

Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s – a unique and exciting era music opened up his appreciation to various genres.
Full of new discoveries of artists and bands which his older brother first introduced to him, Chris was also the house guitarist for the TV series Australian Idol followed by The Voice Australia. Chris continues to be in demand as the ‘hired gun’ by many artists in the industry for session recording and touring internationally.

After many years of supporting and performing with various artists he became inspired to write and compose his own music. His debut single released in October 2017 “Fall For You” and recently “Knocking At My Door” clearly defines his killer guitar tones, powerful hooky compositions and big rock vocals.

When asked about his own material and where he found his inspiration?
“I grew up on roaring Marshalls and huge grooving drum sounds” says Chris. “After years of seasoning and playing well-behaved stuff for other artists, I felt I needed to release the fifteen year old in me and just belt it out...every now and then, though the professional musician in me still comes in and smacks the fifteen year old when it gets out of control”.